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The Garfield House

The Garfield house, affectionately known as the Shotgun house, is designed as a low-cost, innovative, green, mass-producible housing unit in Garfield, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The greatest asset of our site is the city view, unlike any other in Pittsburgh.  We focused the home towards this view while creating spaces for its inhabitants to gather and enjoy said view together.  We developed a “Shotgun” style house – a home that is long and narrow, measuring 16 feet wide and 80 feet long.  The bedrooms are clustered on the western side and create a central core, along which runs a long band of glass and polycarbonate.   The eastern side of the home is walled only with polycarbonate, which allows warm, diffused light to flood the long hallway that leads to the southern end.  The hallway space opens to a large kitchen and living area, which both direct its inhabitants to bask in the beautiful city view.

Project credit to Phyllis Kim, Jordan C. Parsons and Dan Rapoport.