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JFK Terminal 4B.X

This extension of Delta’s Terminal 4 concourse at JFK International Airport in New York City, New York is inspired by the works of Eero Saarinen (specifically the nearby TWA Terminal and MIT’s Kresge Theatre) and Felix Candela.

There terminal is comprised of 8 mirrored, identical modules, each of which is shaped to allow diffused, Northern sun in at all times more solar radiation in the winter. The jogged form offers naturally daylit gate lounges.

The integrated concrete columns act as structural support and carry all systems, including electrical, HVAC, rainwater collection, and water. The roof is lined with 1400 southern-facing solar panels, which generate enough electricity for all secondary systems. The panels lay atop a closed-loop glycol system, which heat exchanges with the aquifer-tapping cooling system to keep the panels at optimal efficienwcy and temperature.