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The Viking Table


After my summer visit to Scandinavia, I grew fascinated with ancient Viking construction methods. Viking Stave Churches such as Ringebu and Borgund n Norway have stood for at least 1000 years, and are poised to stand for quite some time longer. With the exception of the staves (millenia-old pillars used as main supports), Viking church construction highly resembles boat construction, an art the Vikings knew well. I have used the tell-tale viking structural ribbing to create a two-tiered coffee table loosely based on such construction.

I designed the table in Rhinoceros 4 and used the CMU Architecture Department’s 3-axis CNC mill to cut the pieces out of 11/32″ thick plywood. My housemates (and frequent collaborators) Dmitriy Yakubov, Leto Karatsolis-Chanikian and I used the pre-cut slots to quickly construct the table in the architecture woodshop

The table houses a projector, PC, speakers, and a Nintendo 64 game console.